We are a super cool team that has come together because we are all disgusted and appalled by violence that is constantly perpetrated against women. This plight, culture, call it whatever you like, that exists in our society is something that must be eradicated. Our aim is to provide information to women, men, boys and girls that will help make a huge cultural shift in the way current society treats women of all ages.

WSDN was created to provide simple concepts, principles and defensive techniques that have been proven and tested in highly stressed, both physical and mental, situations and scenarios.  With the goal of making women aware of the knowledge and skill sets, that in many cases they already have at their disposal to avoid violent confrontation and at worst, survive violent confrontation.

We are an incredibly self-analytical organisation and bunch of people. We are always asking the “what if’s?” and the “but’s?” and then testing the questions we have and seeking the truthful answers. We have a personal and responsible commitment to make sure the material we deliver is of the highest value and that it is based in absolute realism and total honesty. The type of situations we are discussing allows for nothing else!


Our focus is to provide information that helps women tap into their innate personal intuitiveness of themselves and their surroundings. Prevention is always better than the cure! Planning is the key to success and the avoidance of failure. If we make simple plans about our personal safety, most of the time this pre-emptive foresight can help us avoid violent conflict for ourselves and those we care about. This area is truly the most important part of Self Protection and should contain more focus than any physical technique or violent retaliation. We aren’t here to breed Ninjas but to get you home safe!!!!

The mental is by far and away the most important aspect when discussing Self Protection of any individual not just women but the reality is women (on average) are going to be at a distinct disadvantage when under attack by a male perpetrator. There are the obvious truths of size, weight and possibly aggression but also the fact that the attacker has already planned this, he is already at the “Go” stage of his plan and you can rest assured that the attack will take place when you are at your most vulnerable! You are playing catch up!!! Our teachings are aimed at avoidance but also gaining back any lost advantage as quickly as possible. It’s not about the “Win” it’s about the “Escape” as quickly and safely as possible.

Yes we are huge on the planning, the mental elements and the awareness but rest assured when it is time to GO we will teach you to go with everything you’ve got!!! Your mindset and physical abilities will switch to “I’m going home safe” mode, “I will survive this” by whatever means possible.

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