Hey, I'm Rachel

Sorry, not going to do the third person thing, this is just me chatting to you.

Back in 2001, I hooked up with this hottie in Thailand while I was on holidays and it turns out we lived a suburb away from each other back here in Melbourne, Australia. FREAKY!!!! Tristan was right into Martial Arts and Self Protection and I guess you could say this is where my Self-Protection journey began. He was teaching, training and researching all the time and it wasn’t unusual to be cooking pasta at the stove and have a roundhouse kick miss my head by millimetres. He assured me he had great control and that he would never make contact and he never did…… thank God.

Over the years, Tristan was attending seminars and learning from industry leaders around the world and as he learnt something new, he would teach me. Now I had zero interest in Martial Arts, in getting a belt or competing but I was always very interested in what I should do when it came to street violence.

Over the years the training and research evolved from “dealing with a violent encounter” to “how do we avoid the violence altogether” and this is really where I took a great interest.

My years exposed to Self-Protection and researching more about the predator, avoiding being a target, dealing with a violent encounter, have all led to having a strong understanding of how to avoid violence.

Starting the WSDN was something I had been working towards for a while but it was the tragic event that took place in June 2018 that pushed me to officially launch the business. (Due to gag laws, I will not mention the young woman who was raped and killed at this time) There had been too many times where I woke up to the news that another woman had been attacked, raped or even worse, murdered. It was heartbreaking reading the details of what took place at each of these events and I just wish I was there, with her at that moment to say “Hey, check in on your surroundings, there are some things we can do right now to get you out of this”.

I had gained so much knowledge that I had been sharing with friends, but I realised everyone needed to know about these life-saving strategies. This is why I started the WSDN.

The empowering looks on women’s faces, once they have attended one of our seminars/workshops, is heart-warming. I absolutely love that they feel empowered and that they have some control over their safety. The information is easy, straight forward and you can adapt it straight into your life the second you walk out the door. I have had loads of messages from people telling me about the strategies they have implemented into their lives and the difference it has made. Some people have only watched a 30-sec story of mine on Instagram and that has been utilised and got them out of a situation. It is all about planting the seed in your mind so that you have a “go too” when you need it.

The best outcome I hope to offer is that nothing ever happens to you. You will have your situational awareness when it matters, you will choose the right path to get home, you will use a story to get you out of a situation that could turn violent, there are a number things that will just become part of your day-to-day life that will keep you safe and give you the best chance to avoid a violent encounter.

I plan to have an impact on so many women but if I can save just one life, I will be ……….. actually I’m not sure if I can explain how amazing that would be because as you know one life, affects so many other lives as well. X

Meet Tristan, my partner in crime

After training in the Martial Arts industry for over 35 years, Tristan Kealy’s wealth of knowledge will blow you away. When it comes to safety and general wellbeing for your body, you couldn’t be in more capable hands. His physio thinks he should be a physio he knows so much. You always get more than what you paid for when you work with him, myself and the kids will attest to that.

Tristan is continually learning, testing, and seeking out new techniques to find the most effective forms of Self Defence. He doesn’t believe that one particular Martial Arts covers it all and he has trained in many, Judo, Hapkido, Karate, Boxing, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Combatives, Taekwondo, and Krav Maga, just to name a few. Not to big-note himself too much but he has competed in many club, regional, state, and national tournaments. Currently holding a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo (currently training for his 4th Dan) as well as a Krav Maga Alliance certified Black Belt instructor.

Enough of the big-noting, at the end of the day he loves training and keeping fit but gets the most enjoyment out of helping others learn and achieve new skills and seeing them develop mentally and physically.

To find out more about Tristan, have a listen to Episode 2 on our Podcast: "TRISTAN KEALY - My Self Protection Journey."